The "Rat Race" is an animalized visual representation of the human race, of individuals participating in the relentless struggle to succeed, or perhaps just to survive at any cost!

The "Rat Race" is a direct off shoot of Nicholas Swearer’s investigation of the human condition; a study of how we interact as a result of our individual personas. In fact some of the characters found in his humans will be found in the "Rat Race."

Swearer has long humanized his animal sculptures as many like to do with their pets, it allows for a special bonding to take place. He has taken it to more of an extreme with the rats as it is much more about their interactions than with his other animal works.

The "Rat Race" allows us to step back and look at ourselves in a light hearted manner. The animalization of the human allows for the effect to be once removed and therefore easier to digest with a sense of humor even about things that may not be funny. To survive we must sometimes laugh at ourselves!